Ningas Cogon: Finish What You Started

"FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED!” your dad yelled. You can almost see his tonsils even if you are steps away from him. It was the ‘nth’ time that you started something but didn’t pursue to continue.

Maybe some of us have heard this scolding more than once. Hard headed kids grow up hearing these words almost everyday.

In case you’re unfamiliar with ‘Ningas Cogon’, it’s a term we use to describe a certain attitude. Cogon is a type of grass that's tall and thin. You will see it in large fields. Because of its thin and dry texture, it can easily catch fire and spread into wild fire. The thing is that… the fire burns out easily as well.

Ningas Cogon is the attitude when we start something with interest and enthusiasm, then after a very short time, we lose interest and stop whatever it is we are doing. Leaving things incomplete. Just like a wild fire burning out quickly.

Here are the Ten Things that I think we should finish or complete one way or the other:

(1) Projects that we started
If you ask me, I'd prefer to start one project that I can complete immediately than start with three left unfinished. Focus and attention management is key.

(2) Relationships to Mend
Pick up the phone. Send the letter. Visit the person. Do what you need to do now. Don't wait for the right time. It might not come.
(3) Debts to Pay
This will be unavoidable. So better face it today and get on with it.

(4) Unpublished Books, Blogs, Writing, Songs or Art work. Set a daily schedule when to work on these. Don't wait for inspiration. Sit down and start writing or creating. Take one step forward everyday until you reach completion.

(5) Sales to Close
Now that the client is interested to hear from you, go ahead and submit the proposal. Prepare the presentation. Throw your pitch. Close the sale.

(6) Books to Read
Tip: No read-No buy -- Remember this next time you go to a book store.

(7) Yearly or Quarterly Goals
If you don't know where you are headed, sit down for a cup of coffee. Write down your goals for the year or at least for the quarter. Take a look at your goals as frequent as possible to keep you on track.

(8) Savings and Budgets
Maybe last January you started a savings plan or a budget, but you are not living up to it. It’s not too late to implement your plan. You can start anytime of the year. You don’t need to wait for another “New year”.

(9) Going to the gym or losing weight
If you paid for the membership, either make use of what you paid for or discontinue your membership. There is no middle ground. If you decide to quit, find a sport or physical activity that you think you will be able to sustain for a looooong time.

(10) Education or MBA
Finish your education or find ways to continue learning. It shouldn't stop.

You know what they say -- It’s not how you start but how you finish!