10 Business & Life Lessons from The Movie We Watched Last Night (that you probably watched too)

1. Do not be too in a hurry. It's better to build slowly, but surely. Haste often leads to waste. 

2. Allow yourself to make mistakes early while your business is still small. Why? Because you won't be able to afford the same mistakes on a bigger scale. 

3. Be conservative. Compute your costings with extra care. 'Shortcomings' will come from shortcuts. 

4. As you grow your business, grow your leadership and management competence.

5. The life of an entrepreneur is exciting, until you hit the first dead end. That's when it becomes very exciting!

6. Be man enough to face the problem. And face it, at times, you will be the problem.

7. Do not compare your pace (of success or failure) to that of others. Faster is not always better.

8. It's lonely at the top when you don't let others keep you company. 

9. You are partners with your wife, not just in some areas, but in all areas of your life. 

10. First build a "home", then build your dreamhouse. In that order. 

PS. Guess what movie? I'll give you a SECOND CHANCE to guess.