While at the START SOMETHING event last Saturday, my good friend BG Hernandez (renowned creative director and graphic designer) shared an interesting point.

He said "You need a critic." 

After hearing him say that, I realized that I perceive criticism as purely negative. (I tend to be overly positive)

But BG is right. We need someone trustworthy who will not only say what we want to hear, but also what we NEED to hear. We need someone who will challenge us to improve not only our work, but also ourselves.

Now I'm not saying that you should be hanging out with negatrons. (negative people) But we need people who will speak the truth with care.

I know that my wife is my biggest encourager, but I realized that she can also be my "valuable critic." 

When she points out something that I need to improve, I better listen. (note to self) 

Do you have a critic whom you can trust?

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1. You'll learn how to "start that one thing" that you've been putting off. Whether you're planning to write a book, start a business, shift careers or show your art, this event will help you jumpstart the work you're thinking of.

2. For only two hours, you'll get practical insights on how to achieve your major goals in life. (hint: It's not just about "dreaming big!")

3. You'll meet like-minded people. 
People who are passionate about learning. People who are about to do something – interesting. 

3. Yes, learning is serious business, but we also believe that learning should be FUN too. It's going to be fun!

4. There will be some giveaways from our sponsors. It's a surprise, I'm not allowed to tell.

5. It's a FREE event. Yes, there's no catch. It's absolutely free.

6. The venue is in Big Shift Events Hall, A-Venue Mall, Makati Ave –– It's a cool place to go to! Hang-out with your friends after!

The venue for the Start Something event. (Big Shift Events Hall)

7. You'll get the chance to help out underprivileged children. When you buy a Productive Pinoy book during the event – we'll give a part of the proceeds to the children of Right Start foundation. (optional)

8. You'll hear Mr. BG Hernandez. Here's an article about BG from Esquire Magazine

BG Hernandez, head designer of Studio 5, took the challenge of designing what the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is now calling "The New Generation Currency." 

9. You'll meet Lois Yasay!
Lois quit her day job to travel the world. In only 6 months, she's been in 9 countries– under P100K. 

Today, she's an award winning travel blogger (We Are Sole Sisters) a surfer, and leads a community of Pinoy Passionistas.

Lois Yasay : Award-winning travel blogger. Surfer. Speaker.

10. Because I'm looking forward to meet you! 

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October 27, 2012
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We all want the truth. The question is, are we going to believe it when we hear it?

There's a tendency for us to believe only what we 'want' to believe because it's convenient for us.

Jesus is the truth.

And by knowing and following him, you will find freedom.  The freedom to resist things you don't want to do anymore.

The freedom to pursue God's perfect plan for your life. 

The freedom to be who you are meant to be.

You don't need to be a wandering stranger anymore! Your Father tells you "You're free to go home where you belong." 

Home is a place where you don't need to 'pretend' to be somebody else – it's the place where you can find rest and truly live.

* * *

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Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth. 
– 1 Tim 6:6 

It's hard to be content these days. There are too many choices.

If you're an Apple fan, the new iPhone 5 is about to come out this October. If you like food, I'm sure there's a new restaurant nearby that you're craving to try. If you like traveling, there's always a SEAT SALE available only for a limited time.

There's always more out there. There's always something better coming out.

That's why to be "content alone" is really hard to do these days. 

BUT to have "contentment together with GODLINESS" – then that changes everything. 

Your focus shift from "getting what you want" to asking "LORD, what do you want?"

And when you ask that question … 

(1) That is when you receive wisdom. 
(2) That is when breakthroughs happen. 

The bible says "Godliness with contentment is itself great wealth" not because you are not getting anything, but because you are getting something much, much, much, more valuable –– God's will for your life.

* * *

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When Trey was a lot younger, people would ask him "what do you wanna do when you grow up?" With his cute lisp he'd reply, "I yike my dad's work. I yike to be a businessman." That brought joy to me.

Even when Trey was growing up, it was natural for us to talk about business concepts whenever we're together.

Whether it's the food in a restaurant, the feature of a gadget, or the design/flow of a website – Trey and I would always discuss ways on how we can improve a certain product or service. We'd even come up with better ways it can be presented or sold. 

This was an exercise we'd always do for fun. But I didn't realize he was really taking it seriously. (Even I didn't expect that he'd become an entrepreneur this early.)

Every time that Trey would get his allowance or receive gifts from us or from his grand parents, he'd put away some money in the bank. The amount can be as little as P200 and to as much as P1,000. 

He didn't have a plan where to spend his money. At times, I would even suggest, "why don't you buy a PS3 or an XBox with the money that you've saved?" 

Trey would always say "No, it's ok. I'll just wait." 

A few months ago, he came up with a business idea – to print his own statement shirts. Coming from the Twitter generation, he would name his brand #HASHTAG. 

Trey would regularly bounce off his ideas to his very supportive mom and me. It became a trending topic during dinner. 

Until one day, he finally decided to do it.

He told me that he'll use his own money (his savings of P21,000) to fund his business. And at that moment, I knew he was serious.

So he went on to source the raw materials and visited a manufacturer that can bring his designs to life. 

His first factory visit

"Design meeting" with supplier/manufacturer

After a week, Trey received the samples and wore the first Hashtag Shirt. That got him really excited about his new business. 

HASHTAG Clothing Co. Founder Trey Remulla with his First Shirt

As of this writing or update, he has about 7 shirt designs and has sold over 500 shirts in 4 months time. He has more than tripled his capital. He makes more than what a minimum wage worker earns. 

100% Cotton. Eco-Friendly. Lead free. Phthalate free. Eco-friendly paints. Machine washable. EXPORT QUALITY.

Logo at the Back

*Latest Design*  100% Cotton. Lead free. Phthalate free. Eco-friendly paints. Machine washable. EXPORT QUALITY.

#HASHTAG Clothing Co. is now officially online. You can check it out HERE. 

#HASHTAG Clothing Co. website 

Facebook Page: #Hashtag Clothing Co.

Ever since Trey started his business, he's been asking me a lot of questions. I can see him learning and enjoying it. I'm really proud of him.

Please visit his Online Store, like his Facebook Page or buy a shirt! 

I hope this will also encourage you that you're never too young (or never too old) to "Start Something."

Join me this Friday, May 31, 2013, for the START SOMETHING Book Launch in Powerbooks Greenbelt 4, Makati. 5:30pm–8:00pm. I'll be sharing a few tips on how you can start the work that you've been thinking about. 

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"It's better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you'll drift in that direction" says Warren Buffet. 

You won't expect to hear that from the third wealthiest man on the planet. But that is probably one of the reasons why Warren Buffet is so successful.

Being surrounded by people who are better than you won't make you look dumb. It just shows that you know your place and that you're probably smart too. 

And when you're with them, ask good questions and observe how they conduct their business. You'll be surprised on what you'll learn.



1. You are in the wrong job

2. You are in the right job (or type of work) with the wrong people.

3. You are in the right job with the right people, but somehow, possess a negative attitude towards work. (Ouch!)

4. You don't have any work to do and it's making you miserable!



Name: Andrea Bocelli, Operatic Tenor
Completely blind by age of 12
Song: The Prayer – Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song
80 Million records sold worldwide
Biggest-selling solo artist in the history of classical music

* * *

In a recent interview, Andrea Bocelli confessed that he has stage fright that last almost an entire performance. 

When he was asked how he deals with it, this is what he said...

"The only way is to go on stage and to hope."

Does fear stop you from putting out your best work? 

Many times the solution is just to "jumpstart" yourself into doing it. Let go of fear and look at the bright side of things. Choose hope.

* * *

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Get rid of the "Bahala Na" attitude.

Sometimes we adopt a "come what may" attitude because of a bad memory or experience.

You tried to reach for something, but somehow, you ended up disappointed. So you go on with your life telling yourself "Hope for the best, expect the worst." 

But the truth is that – you don't even expect or hope anymore. 

To avoid disappointment, you've skipped planning. You've put off things, even though you're good for it. Without a clue, you've been living aimlessly.

God has a plan for your life. 

There’s a twist in your story you haven’t seen. In advance, He has prepared good things for you to see, to experience and to do.

He wants the best for you. His will for your life is good, pleasing and perfect.

Seek Him and pray resolutely. 

Plan. But this time, plan according to His plan. 

* * *

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Rich Dad Poor Dad best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki filed for Bankruptcy for one of his companies after losing a lawsuit. (By the way, he owns more than ten companies)

And as someone (me) in the real estate business, I thought I'd share my thoughts about this. 

I used to be a Kiyosaki fan in the late 90s. I've read a lot of his books. The ideas presented in his book was 'fresh and revolutionary' at that time. 

"Financial Literacy" quickly became a buzz word those days. Every "business opportunity" presentation can't go without the "cash-flow quadrant" powerpoint!

I kept buying the Rich Dad books. (along with other business books) Until one day, while reading, I realized that he was just saying the same thing over and over again in all of his books. So I took what I could apply in my business and moved on. (people tend to idolize him)

Some of the ideas worked for me. Some didn't. 

As an entrepreneur and a real estate investor, here are a few personal lessons I'd like to share. 

Disclaimer: These are my personal realizations – it may or may not work for you.

1. Invest in the "right property" or real estate. 
Not all properties are good investments. You need to do your homework. 

I own a small real estate company that operates 33 rental units today. Owning these assets has worked for me. I guess collecting money from 'rent' has been a good idea – even before Robert Kiyosaki was born. 

2. Avoid Irresponsible Borrowing. 
You can use fire to cook, to heat or to light. But too much fire can also burn down the house. Irresponsible borrowing is playing with fire. 

Borrowing money for an unproven business is a bad idea. Should you borrow money for your business, make sure it's to expand what's already working for you. Don't speculate if you can't afford it! – a painful lesson I needed to learn first hand. 

The best way to start is to start small. Then find a way to scale up. 

Patience and consistency will take you a lot further. 

3. Like Mr. Kiyosaki, I'm also an author. The royalties/income from book sales here may not be as much, but it's opening new doors for me. So, I guess that's a good idea. 

A well-written book is also something that you can leave behind to your children. 

4. Rich dad says, "your house isn't an asset, but a liability." Well, you have to live somewhere. He can call it whatever he wants, but for me, i'll call it "my home." 

I guess what he simply meant was: Be wise when purchasing a home. Do you really need a big house with a big mortgage? Or would you put your money in a "luxurious car" when you can buy a more practical one and invest the rest somewhere more profitable?

The bible offers the best advice "Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready; after that, build your house." – Proverbs 24:27

5. A "good name" is still more valuable than riches. 
This is not the first time Mr. Robert Kiyosaki was sued. 

The sad part is that he has been sued by someone close to him (Sharon Lechter) and by someone who has helped him in a big way. (The Learning Annex)

The Takeaway: Be diligent. Be financially literate. Be successful. But don't neglect the most important – your reputation and your character. 

The best gift you can give to your children is 'a good reputation' that they can carry with them. 

The best gift you can give to yourself is knowing in your heart that you tried your best to do what's right – even when no one else was looking, counting or expecting.

* * *

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I love planning. It's fun to strategize, to brainstorm or to dream of the million possibilities.

But what if you spend more time planning than doing?

Planning done well will save you a lot of hours. But if done wrong, it will do the opposite... eat all of your precious time!

Planning to travel the world? Book your first flight.

You intend to lose the love handles? Don't just buy "the new rubber shoes" – go run or go to the gym daily. 

Don't keep on telling the girl "I plan to marry you." Go. Propose. 

While planning is essential, "doing" is still the main point. 

Planning isn't doing. Doing is doing. 

* * *

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Ask highly successful entrepreneurs why they do what they do, and you will find out that it's rarely about the money.

Most of them are not money driven, but mission-driven. 

No wonder Apple's Steve Jobs said "I want to put a ding in the Universe" when he was younger. (this was even before the iPod, iPad, iPhone or even the laptop was invented)

In some ways, Steve has equipped us with tools that has changed the way we live.

But you won't hear Steve talk about money. You'll hear him talk about innovation, cool products or about the next big thing. 

It was always about "the mission."  

What's keeping you awake at night? How can it affect others in a positive way? What's the mission?



Life is not about...

...the number of 'stuff' you own. 
...the number of job offers you receive.
...the number of people you meet.
...the number of friends you keep.
…the number of countries you've been to. 

In your eulogy, people won't remember the numbers. 

But what they won't forget is how you made them feel, how you've touched their lives, and the kind of legacy you're about to leave behind. 

Don't just live for 'more'. Live more. 

* * *

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I don't think you can attract "money." 

You can only attract PEOPLE who'd like to work with you, do business with you, or buy from you because ...

1. You're good at what you do. 
2. You're easy or fun to work with. 
3. You're brand is interesting.

Now, if you want to become (financially) rich, follow the above three and practice good financial management along with it.

Don't ever think that you can 'magnetize' money. Money is earned by delivering something of value – or is a gift out of someone else's generosity. 

Many times, getting "rich" has nothing to do with money, but a lot to do about servanthood, discipline and good stewardship.

* * *

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