To dread it or to look forward to it.

You can say "I'm still not where I am supposed to be." Or hope and say, "This is the year I've been waiting for."

The words that we choose can make or break the 'good things' in our lives.

From the fruit of his lips a man is filled with good things as surely as the work of his hands rewards him. – Proverbs 12:14 

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The Top 9 – What we are thankful for this 2011

1. My wife's good health. 
"Health is wealth" is a sales pitch I used to avoid. The saying became real to me when my wife went in and out of the hospital for several years. (gall stones, appendectomy, severe migraine, etc)

This 2011, I thank God for a hospital-free year.  I don't miss sleeping in the 'transformer' sofa bed.

2. Stronger relationship with the kids. 

I make time for each one.

My eldest son, Trey, outsmarts me from time to time. Russel uses his charm to get what he wants. Jaden is the playful one. (Kanino nagmana? Don't ask!)

This year we've built a stronger connection. I'm blessed to be their father.

3. New & Old Friendships.
You didn't expect to be friends with them. Why would you? You guys have nothing in common. But you meet new people and somehow, you enjoy their company.

You're surprised to discover you have more things to share than you think.

My wife and I apreciate our newfound friends as much as we treasure our lifelong friendships.

4. Friday men's group.
'Hungarian Sausage Breakfast set' - that's what we order week in and week out.

Every Friday, I go to a men's meeting called Victory Group in Bo's Coffee Alabang. We learn from the bible how it is to be a disciple of Christ. We share, discuss and encourage one another. To witness what God has done in the lives of these men builds up my faith in God. Thank you Pastor Ariel Marquez for leading this group.

5. Our new home.
Technically, we acquired our new place late last year. Though, after a year, I'm still thankful to God for allowing us to have this place. (So far so good with my monthly payments!)

6. Our business.
In case you're wondering what I do for a living, I'm in the real estate business. (I write for a different reason)

2011 came out as a productive year for us. Curious about my business? Click here.

7. Productive Pinoy Book
It's been an awesome three months. The book has received fifteen (15) fine reviews. It's been featured in several radio-tv shows. Recently shown in the "12 Gift Ideas for the Start-up Entrepreneur" by Entrepreneur magazine online.

But the best part is meeting the interesting people I would not have met otherwise.

We thank our friends who helped us promote the book!

8. For being a Finalist at the Philippine Blogger Awards 2011

Believe me. There are days when you feel there's no one reading your blog. But I'm glad I continued writing anyway.

Hundreds of blogs were nominated at the 2011 PBA Awards. To be considered as a 'finalist' in one of the categories is truly an honor in itself.

9. For God's work in our lives.
Life may have its ups and downs, but God's grace is constant. It is sufficient. We thank God for the life that we have today and we look forward to what he has prepared in advance for us. Our prayer is that our lives will bring honor and glory to the LORD.


What makes it a gift? (30 sec read)

What makes it a gift?

A gift is freely given. If I'd require one from you, it's no longer a gift. It becomes a demand.

A gift isn't a transaction. It's delivered without expecting something in return.

A gift is freely received and appreciated. You shouldn't send it back to the gift-giver.

A gift may be given out of love, appreciation or obligation. You are wise enough to do it for the first two reasons.

Jesus didn't have to do it. Yet, he came. He lived, he taught, he gave us hope. Then he died for us so that we can be free – and truly live.

It was out of His love. A gift, freely given. Nothing required in return. All you have to do is to receive it, be thankful with it, and share it to others.

We thank you Jesus.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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You can make it work. (note to self)

"It might not work." 

"They might not like it."

"Nobody might show up."

Do you only try when you're most likely to succeed? Or do you apply faith to create your chances? 

Take wise risks. Take a stand. Be willing to do what others aren't willing to do. 

"Will this ever work?" isn't the question to ask. It's "How quickly can I make this work?"


"Yes, but..." : How to use the word 'BUT' (20sec read)

'BUT' is a word we use to contrast something.

"That's good, but..." (reason why it's not)
"Yes, but..." (no)
"I believe, but..." (I doubt it)

Many times when a period would suffice, we can't help it, we still say 'but'.

Leave out the negative 'buts'. Mainly the ones that pull down good ideas, zealous spirits or 'aha' moments.

Instead, put it to good use.

"It's a stretch, but it's possible"
"I'm tired, but it's going to be worth it"
"Life is hard, but God is good."



In a crowded Starbucks, I nudged a tray and accidentally dropped a plate off my table. Just like in the movies, I saw the plate fell in slow motion. As soon as it crashed the floor, silence entered the room and all eyes zoomed at me.

I can still hear the sound of the espresso machine hiccuped.

I froze for a second – quickly thinking how to react. I smiled, made an 'Ooops!' facial expression, and pretended as if it wasn't me.

Then one by one, they all looked away.

It could have been my most embarrassing moment, but I chose to look at it differently...

It's my 5-seconds of fame!

My realization – The way we look at our circumstances matter a lot.


Think Less. Thank More.

A small peek into your "I-don't-have-list" can instantly ruin your day. It doesn't take much effort to be anxious.

While to live with thankfulness is a decision, a wiser alternative. Even the little things deserve an appreciation. We can avoid too much thinking, when we ought to be 'living'.

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No, don't do it for him, you won't last long. 'Approval' is a flimsy motivator.

Put out your best work not to impress people. Do it as if you were doing it for the Lord. (Col 3:7) He gave you your abilities in the first place. You have his approval – even before you asked.

As you do this, watch how your work add value to your organization. And if you do well, your boss might become happy as an end result.



You were walking around the mall on a Sunday to unwind, relax or take a break. From afar, you see a booth, but you don't have a clue what it's about.

"Sir, my name is Bobby. I'd just like to take two minutes of your time"
a well-dressed rep respectfully asks you.

You have three options – look sideways and turn a blind ear, say yes and endure what he has to say, or offer a sincere "I'm sorry, I need to be somewhere" excuse.

Two minutes is short. Why do people say NO?

Here's why – People hate being ambushed. (No matter how sincere you are or the cause is.)

They want to feel good about a contribution, a donation or a purchase. 'Disruption' won't do the trick.

How to fix it?  

Connect, even without saying words. Make the 'booth' interesting enough to strike a conversation with strangers. Bring a real panda or a sea turtle if you have to. Emotional connection enable ideas to spread. (You want me to feel for those creatures right? And it will cost P12,000/24 months?)

Make it "their idea" or "own initiative" to approach you. This way, you won't need to ask. Chances are, they'll give you more than the two minutes you were asking for!

What do you think?

* * *

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Making one person smile is big. Yet, they chose to make three people happy.

After watching this Coke Video, you'll realize that even an organization as big as Coca-cola can possibly have a heart.

For sure, they've touched their families. They've inspired us many. Kudos to you– Coke Philippines.